Are you interested in an original design? Christina Rivera-Scott is open to commissions, so please don’t hesitate to contact her. This page describes the basic ideas behind the commission rates and the type of artwork she is open to creating.

Design Guidelines:

  • Only black and white designs, or black and white designs on a simple colored background.  Currently not accepting any commissions for works which require color in the design itself.
  • No realism. Preference leans strongly towards abstract designs similar to that currently being created by the artist, though Christina is open to other style options depending on the needs of the commissioner.
  • Physical art commissions do not include publishing rights. If you need artwork for publishing rather than personal use (such as posters, book illustrations, display on a website, etc…) exclusive rights use can be discussed. Otherwise, all rights for publication are reserved with the artist.
  • All work and costs will be detailed in a contract. No exceptions.
  • Unusual/unique projects open to discussion. If you have a special type of project in mind that falls within the above design guidelines (i.e. a mural for a wall, a 3-dimensional sculpture, artwork of an extremely large/small scale) feel free to start a discussion.


  • For ink on paper (up to 18 x 24 inches)
    • $1.50 per square inch + cost of materials (paper/ink)
  • For paint on canvas/wood/glass/etc (up to 24 x 36 inches)
    • $2.00 per square inch + cost of materials (paint/painting surface)
  • Additional costs for matting, framing, digital copy (hi-resolution scan)
  • Pricing for unusual/unique projects will be discussed at time of commissioning
  • Shipping costs added to final price
    • Standard shipping via USPS Priority Mail
    • Other shipping options available. Discuss with artist.


  • Half-and-Half payment. Half of the agreed payment is required up front and is non-refundable. The other half is due upon the design’s completion. If a different payment schedule is required, please discuss with the artist before the start of the project.
  • Payment is preferred by PayPal transfer. However, payment is also accepted in the form of US checks and money orders. In the case of US checks, work will not start until the check has cleared the bank. Money orders are only accepted if they are drawn from a bank, credit union, or the US Postal Service.