Artist Biography

Born in Houston, TX in 1980, Christina Rivera-Scott was raised in a multi-racial military family. Throughout her childhood, art was always a large part of her life. She created artwork yearly for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo art competition throughout middle and high school. Eventually, those competitions rewarded her with a scholarship that she used for her continuing education.

After receiving both an Associates in Computer Animation from the Art Institute of Houston and a Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Colorado, she spent nearly a decade working as a production artist in the rising field of mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones, etc) for two companies: Access Lane in Lewisille, TX and A3 Media Network in Denver, CO. However, after two consecutive layoffs due to the economic downturn, Christina began to reevaluate her career path. Rather than persuing a career in the mobile industry, which had burned her twice already, she decided to go back to her roots.

Fine art.

Now Christina is on a new path. Her artwork is an expression of controlled chaos. She creates highly detailed, organic abstract designs using primarily black and white. With ink on her fingers her artistic vision can be summed up with a simple phrase:

“Nothing is as simple as black and white, even when it is black and white.”

Currently, Christina lives and works out of Centennial, CO with her husband and two daughters.