Five Favorite Art-Related Tumblrs to Follow


Are you part of the gigantic blogging community known as Tumblr? I definitely am, and if you are too here are five of my favorite art-related Tumblr blogs that you should be following!

1. Hi-Fructose Magazine (
This is the official Tumblr for the best-selling new contemporary art magazines currently in print. This blog updates daily with examples of incredible artwork and a sprinkling of articles.

2. InspirationFeed (
A blog dedicated to sharing image and words to inspire the creation of art, some of the posts might be other people’s artwork, photographs, and quotes to stir the imagination and creativity.

3. Arts & Science Journal (
Art, technology, math, and science all collide in this wonderful blog. This blog is wonderful in showing how much art can be found in science and how much science can be found in art. These two fields are not as mutually exclusive as some people might think.

4. The Curioos Feed (
Every day, get a sampling of some of the most incredible up-and-coming digital artists around the world.

5. Best Practices for Artists on Tumblr (
This is THE blog to follow if you are a new artist looking to set up an art blog on Tumblr. They offer advice on getting started, information on the demographics of the Tumblr community, and the best themes to use to show your art to show off your artwork the best.


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