Infiltration (ATC-001)


Title:  Infiltration
Dimensions:  2.5″ x 3.5″
Materials:  Pigma Micron Pens; Strathmore Bristol


Way back in May, I created my very first ATC card. This one is entitled Infiltration.

This design first came to me while I was in a pretty dark place. Back then, I wasn’t even giving thought to pursuing a career in fine art. I was still reeling from being laid off unexpectedly just a month earlier. Most of my thoughts were consumed with worries about finding a job and making enough money to help support my family. I was dealing with a great deal of anxiety and depression. I felt like such a failure, even though I was laid off due to financial reasons at the company I worked for.

Emotionally… I was a grade-A train wreck.

It was during this early part of the summer that I started creating original artwork again. My husband, wonderful man that he is, knew me back when I was art school, and he remembered how much I enjoyed drawing and writing back then, so he encouraged me to do one, the other, or both so that I could relax and not worry myself sick. I had picked up a new sketchbook (the cover of which you see beneath the drawing), bought three new black Micron pens, and found a pack of Artist Trading Card blanks all on clearance from my favorite art and craft store.

All those supplies for under $10.

I started drawing.

And for the first time in weeks, I felt at peace.

I imagine one day I will give this card away. However, I’m not read to do that just just. Emotionally, I think I’m still a little too close to this card to let it go, if that makes any sense..


Creative Commons License
Infiltration by Christina Rivera-Scott is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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