Artist Trading Cards = Unique Art x Small Scale


I love “Artist Trading Cards” (or ATCs)!

It’s a piece of artwork, uniquely created, on a canvas, card, or piece of paper the size of a standard baseball trading card (2.5 x 3.5″).

Because of their small size, it’s easy for someone like me to create a design in less than a day. I can either easily cut the paper or cardstock myself, or I can go to an art supply shop and buy a pack of whatever I need. They sell all sorts of material in this size, including bristol, watercolor paper, canvas board, chalkboard paper, fabric, and even corrugated cardboard!

Some artists create these cards and give them away freely as a way of self-promotion and free sharing of art. Some trade ATCs with other artists, and keep their own collections. And others sell ATCs. Because of their very small sizes, the cards are often sold for far less than a much larger work of art. When this happens, they’re referred to by another name, “Art Card Editions and Originals” (or ACEOs)

I haven’t yet decided how to share my own ATCs, which I am planning to make at tw0 or three cards per week on top of other larger scale art projects I’m working on.

I really like the idea of trading them with other fellow artists and starting my own collection.

I also have had an idea for some time now where I would create a set of 20 or more and arrange them in a grid to make one large piece of art.

What do you think?


Here are some links for more information about ATCs:

ATC info at Wikipedia – Read more information about the history of Artist Trading Cards here

ATCs for All – An active community forum for the trading of artist trading cards. All mediums are welcomed, there is an extensive gallery of cards, and monthly contests are held.

Artist Trading Cards on Facebook – An active fan page on Facebook about ATCs



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