Effervescent – Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble…


Title:  Effervescent
Dimensions:  9″x12″
Materials:  Pigma Micron Pens; Canson Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper


Effervescent, my first attempt at a hand-drawn tessellation, is complete.

Over the course of a very busy October, I got re-inspired by one of my favorite artists of all times, M. C. Escher. In particular, his tessellation designs have always been a favorite of mine. While he created his tessellations by using woodcut and linocut printing techniques, I decided to make my first attempt completely by hand.

Of course, this means that the design above is not a perfect tessellation. Though at first glance it may appear that the pattern is a seamless repetition, in fact there are many things that are not exactly alike.

Line thickness throughout…

The number and positioning of the bubbles in various sections…

The sizes and shapes of certain small repeating shapes…

There is even one particular instance within the design where I actually made a mistake. One line took a left-hand turn too soon instead of going straight ahead. However, I liked the flaw so much that I left it in.

This leads strongly into why I have decided I really like this piece. All the small flaws give this tessellation a very organic feel to me. It’s like in nature. In the natural world there are plenty of examples of repeating patterns. Think about the honeycomb of a beehive and the pattern of seeds in a sunflower. Even though there is an obvious pattern to those natural designs, if you take a closer look you’re sure to find small differences that can set the individual sunflower seeds and honeycomb cells apart and make them unique.


Creative Commons License
Effervescent by Christina Rivera-Scott is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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