After spending the last week working on my daughters’ Halloween costumes, I’ve finally gotten back to working on my tessellation design.

I spent most of the morning drawing while waiting for jury duty. Thankfully, I was dismissed without having to go through a trial. I will definitely be adding more to this tonight.

I’m also becoming quite enamoured with the design. On close inspection, you can see that none of the individual pieces of the repeating pattern are exactly alike. Some lines are thinner/thicker than others. Some shapes are smaller/bigger. That sort of thing.

However, when I look at the image as a whole, all those imperfections seem to matter far less. My vision wants to see the sameness… how alike everything is first. I have to force myself to focus in order to pick out the differences, and it takes some effort.

I have a feeling a metaphor is on the horizon for this piece…

We’ll see where the muses take me on this…


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