Inspiration – Signs of the Zodiac by Andreas Preis


I’m always on the lookout for amazing pieces of black and white art, both for inspiration and admiration.

Today’s inspirational pieces comes from a German artist named Andreas Preis. This designer, currently based out of Berlin, has created a number of absolutely stunning pieces, both in black and white and in color. While Andreas does use Adobe Illustrator for their graphic design work for clients, illustrations like the ones sampled above are created primarily by hand. If you click on the image and go take a look at the larger versions of these wonderful Zodiac designs, you’ll see that all the hatching used to shade these illustrations was not created digitally.

I’ve been a fan of Andreas Preis for some time now, and I will not hesitate to admit that “The Signs of the Zodiac” was one of the strongest inspirations for the creation of my own black and white abstract line art, which is why I wanted to make certain that I showcased that artwork here. I love the use of parallel lines in various thicknesses and spacing to create shading within each design. The symmetry is also stunning.

When I asked Andreas a few questions regarding this series, they were kind enough to spare the time to answer. (Andreas’s answers are in bold.)

  • How long did it take you to create the entire series, and how long did each individual piece take to finish?
    I don’t really know, it’s been a few years since I finished this
    project. Back than I’d say it took me one or two months.
  • What materials did you use? Is there a certain brand of paper or marker you prefer to use for your final products?
    Nope, no certain brand or paper. Whatever I find.
  • The symmetry in your Zodiac series is something I really admire. Was that created entirely by hand or did you use some digital post production to generate the effect?
    At that time I just used Photoshop. And if you look closely, that’s
    quite easy to see I guess. Nowadays it’s a different thing…
  • Is there any particular story behind the “The Signs of the Zodiac” that you would like to share? What inspired you at the time to create this series?
    I was lying in bed, because I had two times knee surgery. I thought
    about creating something I could do without moving a lot, and this is
    what happened.

Thank you Andreas, for creating such wonderful designs. They have made a significant impact on my own artistic vision.

If you want to read more about Andreas Preis and view more of their wonderful artwork, please visit them at


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